Episode 9: The end… for now, plus thoughts on Charlottesville

The season one finale was supposed to be about The Handmaid’s Tale and some soon-to-be released dystopian movies, but Toby and Meg decided to talk about #Charlottesville instead.

Here’s the Vice News video Toby and Meg discuss:

P.S. You’ll notice that this episode is short. That’s because we’d like you to spend some time listening to a few podcasts that will help you better understand structural racism in America. Meg suggests you start here, here, here and here.  And, if you want more on how journalists have responded to the story, listen to this episode of Columbia Journalism Review’s The Kicker.






2 thoughts on “Episode 9: The end… for now, plus thoughts on Charlottesville

  1. When dealing with views that are radical, racial, and morally wrong, what would you recommend doing incorder to create a civil conversation with this person or group of people to shed light on your point of view with out oppressing their 1st admendment rights?


  2. This podcast was a great way to connect how dystopian societies still take place in today’s world. I agree with Meg when she states, “typically when we see demonstration in our country it is aimed at conclusion… but this is aimed at hate.” People within our own society are being dehumanized, and it is not something that can be blown by and not be addressed. I also picked up on the fact that Toby made a comment about having “not enough societal pressure to keep things like this from happening,” which I think is important because citizens of the United State do not think that certain acts like Charlottesville can happen within their own country based on the fact that it seems unrealistic. Yet, when it actually does happen, they do not know how to go about it.


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